Bath and Shower Products

Bath and Shower Seat: The primary difference between a tub seat and a shower seat is the seat height. Most units intended for tub use are 15 to 16 inches in height, while shower models are approximately 20 to 21 inches high.

The seat height for the tub model is intended to position the seat approximately level with the top of tub wall. Seat heights that are significantly lower than this often pose a problem for the user when it comes time to exit the tub. From these lower positions, body mechanics are bad for both user and attendant, creating the potential for a serious accident.

Hand Held Shower: Though the hand-held shower may seem to be a small, less significant accessory item compared to some of the other bath aid products, it is an important part of the self-care package. It is an essential item for users of bath seats and transfer benches.

Good quality hand showers have two common features. First, they have on/off controls built into the handle. This allows the user to turn the water off and on as needed without having to readjust water temperature each time. Second, they all have hoses of sufficient length to permit the user, seated on a bath seat or in the tub, to easily reach every part of the body with the shower spray.

The on/off control varies from one model shower to another, and care should be exercised to select an appropriate model that is compatible with your hand function and finger dexterity. A control that is appropriate for a severe arthritic may not be functional for a quadriplegic.

A hose length of 5 1/2 to 6 feet is usually sufficient for most users.

Optional features, such as pulsating massage showers, are primarily a matter of personal taste and are fine as long as they do not interfere with any of the more essential features

Most hand-held showers are provided with one or more wall-mounting brackets for storage, or to permit use of the shower in a normal wall-mounted position.

Non-Slip Bath Mats and Safety Treads: For individuals who will be standing in a bathtub or shower, even momentarily during the process of getting in or out, something to ensure safe footing is very important. There are two general types of non-slip products:

  • Plastic or rubber mats that are removable
  • Strips or mats that are permanently installed with an adhesive.

The better quality, more effective, removable mats usually depend upon hundreds of tiny suction cups on the bottom surface of the mat - or upon a material that has been specially formulated and textured to be slip-resistant. In either case, keeping the mat and tub surface clean and free of soap, oil and grease is essential to maintaining the slip-resistant properties. It should be noted that no removable mat can be totally slip-proof in a wet bath tub, even under the best of conditions. These products certainly enhance safe footing, but care, discretion and common sense must still be exercised.

The safety tread (strips or mats) that is installed with adhesive can also be effective in the prevention of falls in the bath tub. However, these too are not slip-proof.

Transfer Tub Bench: The transfer bench was originally designed for individuals who are unable to walk. The transfer bench gets its name from the fact that it permits a sliding transfer from a wheelchair. Because the transfer bench extends out beyond the edge of the tub, this sliding type transfer can be performed.

The transfer tub bench is also helpful to ambulatory users who have difficulty stepping over the side of the tub safely. Once seated on the bench, with legs outside the tub, all that is required, is to lift one leg at a time into the tub.

Medicare Information and Qualifications:

The above mentioned items are not covered by Medicare. They are not considered medical equipment but can be purchased by the patient for cash.

The items listed below are often sold, prescribed or needed in addition to the equipment above.

  • Long scrub sponge
  • Bath lift 

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