Oxygen Portable Concentrator

An Oxygen Portable Concentrator is a machine that provides oxygen in continuous flow or pulse dose options in a 24/7 portable device. It is one device for both stationary and ambulatory oxygen needs. It is usually small, lightweight, easy to use and can run on battery power. A portable concentrator makes it easier for the patient to travel and have a more active lifestyle.

Medicare Information and Qualifications:

A portable oxygen system is covered if the patient is mobile within the home and the qualifying blood gas study was performed while at rest (awake) or during exercise. If the only qualifying blood gas study was performed during sleep, portable oxygen will be denied as not medically necessary. If coverage criteria are met, a portable oxygen system is usually separately payable in addition to the stationary system.

If oxygen is provided only for use during sleep, portable oxygen would not be covered. Portable oxygen is not covered when provided only as a backup to a stationary oxygen system.

Oxygen is paid as a monthly rental. Oxygen contents and accessories are included in the allowance for rented oxygen systems.

The items listed below are often sold, prescribed or needed in addition to the equipment above.

  • Extra batteries
  • Cart

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